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Sodium Trimetaphosphate(STMP)

Molecular formula: Na3O9P3

CAS Number: 7785-84-4

HS Code: 2835299000


White crystal powder, relative density at 2.54g/cm3, easily soluble in water, but not in alcohol.


 It is used as water softeners. It can also be added to gypsum boards, as well as for the production of low density laundry detergents, and can also be used to produce a mixture of dry bleach, automatic dishwashing detergent, sodium trmetaiphosphate hematamines, and sodium trimetaphosphate hens and inert inorable salts.

Gypsum board production raw materials to add sodium trimetaphosphate, can make the gypsum board light and can enhance the strength and toughness of the gypsum board, should not be deformed, enhance waterproofing capacity.


Packing :25 kgs bag,1000 kgs,1100 kgs, 1200 kgs jumbo bag

Loading:Pallet: 24MT/20’FCL; Un-palletized:25MT/20’FCL